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Review:  Punch Royal Coronation

Reviewer: Mark "Rocco" Picirilli


This Corona from Punch (normally found in a tube) is a mild smoke that I was pleasantly surprised by. If you read my last review on the Opus X,  you would know that I got a nice sampling of cigars for Father's Day - this is the next from that bunch I will be reviewing. I'll be honest, I didn't know much about this one before toasting it, but that is the fun of a gift, you get to try something you normally might not pick up.

It came packed in a small Spanish Cedar sleeve (as do most tube cigars) and had some great aromas even before I got it ready to smoke. The construction was good and smooth.

I personally prefer a stronger cigar but I can also appreciate a nice mild cigar (especially on a nice summer night with a few beers) and from what I see and smell, I think this one may deliver. Let's get it going...

It starts off mild, like I expected, nothing too heavy about it - So far it has an even burn and nice white ash and smoke. At the 1/4 mark it has been smooth as silk with a clean even burn. Not overpowering - I'd call it a wood like flavor, earthy as some say. It seems to be getting better as it goes on.

As I approached the the half way point it started to get a little fuller flavor, hints of pepper and fuller bodied - but nothing major. For me it's still mild but for most it would be considered medium bodied at this point, there is a definite change as it burns down - It's also burning a little hot for being so far from the band. This one is hard to judge right now. I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

The last half was much better than the first half. It was enjoyable from the 1/4 to the 3/4 point but once it got where it was in the picture above, it was way too hot for me to continue and enjoy it so I stopped it there.

For the price (about $6 a stick), there are others I would rather smoke that give me a longer, more enjoyable session for my money.  If you prefer a mild to medium smoke, and are looking for quality construction in a trusted brand like Punch, give it a try, you may like it. It's certainly not a bad cigar, just not for me.

I may pick up a few and have then sit in the Humidor for a year or so and try one again then - from what I have read this (like most cigars) improve with age. Getting this one as a gift I don't know the history of it and what year it was produced, but it was still enjoyable and I'm glad I tried it.



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