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Review: Fuente Fuente Opus X Shark

Reviewer: Mark "Rocco" Picirilli

One of my favorite cigars is the Opus X, and it's not often I get my hands on a Shark, but thanks to fellow reviewer here Chris, I had a few begging to come out of the humidor and tonight was just that night.

What I hear often from novice smokers (which I was not too long ago) and I have even seen in some other reviewers notes is that this is a round cigar that is box pressed on the end to make it have that square end. That however, is not true. The cigar is actually hand rolled with the round to square shape, no rolled round and then box pressed on the end.

The shark is one of most sought after of the Opus X bunch (but aren't they all when you think about it?) not only for the unique design, but the great quality and construction you get from almost any Opus you will be pick up, that is apparent in this sick as well, Perfect all around.

I'm ready to snip and enjoy this beauty. A little info on this one, it's 5.75 x 52 and the shape is a Belicoso Shark but it's more commonly just called the Shark. They run $16 to $22 per stick, so not cheap, but also not an everyday smoke so if you find one and can afford it, grab on.

I'm having mine outside on the deck with a little wind and a bottle of Stella Artois beer. Right off the get go, I get the pepper on my tongue and what I like to call the "Opus Bite", that you get anytime you spark up an Opus X.

Just 20 minutes in and it's producing thick white clouds of smoke, a perfect draw and an amazing flavor profile that you really only find in a Opus. Each puff is unique but the constant is the spice and cocoa mixed in with some sweet notes here and there. This is a full bodied cigar with strong tobacco flavor that can be tasted start to finish.

At about 45mins in I am just about at the half-way point. As I have seen with most Opus you don't always have that "picture perfect" razor edge but it has been burning smooth and consistent with a great draw. It's getting stronger and stronger and the spice has gone away a little and I'm getting more of a creamy cocoa from it, and I am enjoying every minute of it. It's hard to explain the draw you get from this cigar, it's like with each puff you get more and more relaxed.

At the 3/4 point I am just over an hour in and the spice has returned with some fury, it's very bold and spicy right now I am in heaven. This is why I love this cigar so much, it's just kicking my ass and I am happy to let it. The band will be coming off soon enough and I will smoke it down until my fingers burn. I wish I had a dozen more of these and I wish they were cheaper, but in a way that is what makes this a special stick - You don't have them all the time, so when you do, it's a great experience. Ahhhh....Me happy.

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