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Review:  Fuente Fuente Opus X (Belicoso XXX)

Reviewer: Mark "Rocco" Picirilli

This Father's Day, my daughter (with the help of her mother), gave me some wonderful cigars and a great outdoor lighter. I will be reviewing them over the next few days, I'll start off with what may be one of my favorite cigars, the Opus X. Today, my review is specifically on the  Arturo Fuente Fuente Opus X (Belicoso XXX). There are currently 16 different styles of the Opus X (see them here).

Fuente Fuente OpusX is the premiere cigar line in the Arturo Fuente Cigar family.

Made by Tabacalera A. Fuente, this cigar is consistently ranked as the single most sought-after cigar in the world by Cigar Aficionado,  has been ranked in the Top 10 (normally top 3) in most major Cigar magazines and rating websites.

The wrapper on these are great as is the massive and thick band. The construction of this cigar is almost flawless. Like other Opus X I have had in the past, itís a challenge to find a flaw in the wrapper, draw or burn - and this stick was the same. The burn was outstanding and almost a perfect white ash.

As with most of these, you get hit in the palette right away with a pretty intense spice (which for us is a good thing and part of the appeal of the Opus), but if you are a novice smoker don't be scared by this - It will get a little sweeter as you get into it, but look for a spicy/sweet smoke with some earthy flavors mixed in.

This is a powerful and amazing smoke no matter what size you smoke. It ends with the same kick it started off with. This size is an easy 45 minute to one hour smoke and a perfect way to end the day (especially if it was a bad one).

These are not cheap, nor are they easy to obtain. In the Pennsylvania area where I live, only Holts and Cigar Cigar carry them. This is because Arturo Fuente is very picky about who can sell the Opus X and you have to have a top dollar account to stock and sell them officially.

You may see them in smaller shops (normally at 2x the cost) but they most likely bought them at one of the above shops or had them shipped in.

This particular one (The (Belicoso XXX) will run you between $12 and $14 a stick if you buy them individually in a store - they can run well over $25 or more online (and beware of fakes, as these are one of the top 10 bootlegged cigars). Do yourself a favor and only buy this great from a reputable dealer and not ebay or Craig's list.

I have now tried 4 of the 16 styles and every single one has been amazing. If you come across one, do yourself a favor and pick it up and look forward to one of the best smokes you have ever had!




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